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5 Troop Meeting, 7:30
12 Troop Meeting, 7:30
13 Troop Committee Meeting
15-17 Sailing Campout
19  Troop Meeting, 7:30
26  Greenbar 6:30  Troop Meeting, 7:30

3 Troop Meeting, 7:30
Troop Committee Meeting
6-8 Canoe Campout
10 Court of Honor
13 Twin Bayou Merit Badge Fair
17  Troop Meeting, 7:30
24  Greenbar 6:30,  Troop Meeting, 7:30
31  Troop Meeting, 7:30

Troop Committee Meeting
7 Troop Meeting, 7:30
10-12 Campout Lake Houston
14  Troop Meeting, 7:30
21  No troop meeting 
23 Thanksgiving - West U Seniors
28  Greenbar 6:30,  Troop Meeting, 7:30

Troop Meeting, 7:30
Troop Committee Meeting
12 Troop Meeting, 7:30
19  Troop Meeting, 7:30
26  No troop meeting 
26 Winter Camp

November 10-12, Lake Houston Wilderness Park


If you think the last campout was fun, the fun has just begun.  It's time for the "Webelos Woods" Campout @ Lake Houston Wilderness Park.  There will be lessons on Basic Fishing, Nature Bird watching, Orienteering, and Geocaching! 


Please note that classes on Basic Fishing and Bird Watching have limited space.  Sign up fast before the slots are filled!  The camp will provide fishing equipment, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

Registration or submission of permission forms are due Thursday, November 2nd. Campout cost is $10 per person. 

Registration will be conducted through the Troop 266  REGISTRATION SITE .


if you don't use the Registration site, you can download a copy of the PERMISSION FORM, complete and scan it and send to Ben or Vincent Chang or bring it to the next troop meeting along with a check payable to Troop 266.


Attention WEBELOS , Arrow of Light and parent guests.  

You are invited to this Fishing and Nature camp out hosted by Troop 266.  No Fees.  Click here to REGISTER.  Alternately, you can submit a completed PERMISSION FORM to Ben or Vincent Chang at a troop meeting.

 Meals are provided by the Troop.  Please let Mr. Matt Ryan know if your scout has food allergies.

 A Fishing Event will be  led by the Park and is limited to the first 20 scouts.  Please submit your permission form early to reserve a spot!

 We're looking forward to experiencing nature and cooler weather with you and your scout.

Attention scouts selling holiday wreaths and garlands!!  Go to the HOLIDAY WREATH FUNDRAISER PAGE  for tools and instructions for selling.
2017 Holiday Wreath Fundraiser
Buy Now!
Troop 266  scouts are  now taking orders for assorted holiday wreaths and garlands.
Select your choice of wreath(s) and/or garland from the 2017 HOLIDAY EVERGREEN BROCHURE..   Note that some selections can be delivered directly to you or friend or family, others are available for pickup at WUUMC or delivered to you by a scout.   
You can have a scout assist you with an order or order directly using the TROOP 266 HOLIDAY WREATH AND GARLAND ORDER WEBSITE (please check the name of the assisting scout for him to be credited with the sale)

For more information text, call or email Vivien Liu (713) 291.0908 / or

call or email:  Paulette Chavez (713) 661.6094 /

View Photos of Troop 266 Volunteers Helping People Hit by Hurricane Harvey on the TROOP 266 PHOTOS Page.

Before Hurricane Harvey left the troop started planning to help with clean up.  Crews from the troop were some of the first people out on Tuesday August 29th to help clean out homes. 

Over the four-day period the Troop helped clean out more than 20 homes with more than 30 scouts involved in the clean-up efforts to remove carpet and wallboard.   In addition, members of the troop helped with other clean-up crews and at the Houston Foodbank.  They maintained alignment via daily email messages, email, texts and phone calls.  The troop leadership (Greenbar) reviewed the event from the perspective of disaster preparation and disaster recovery.

The troop continues to look for opportunities to volunteer and help Harvey’s victims.

This Summer's Northern Tier High Adventure  - Atikokan, Canada

 A film by David Nunez
Click this link --  2017 Northern Tier


Would you like to camp, backpack, hike, fish, shoot, sail, kayak, canoe, horseback ride, and cook outdoors? Would you like to serve your community, earn Merit Badges, learn about leadership and make new friends?  Then Boy Scout Troop 266 is just for you! 

For more info about joining Troop 266, please contact Scoutmaster Matt Ryan at

Important Notice 
Please click here to read about the 2016 Rank Requirement Changes or go to the 2016 BSA Change in Rank Requirements page listed in the red bar to the left of every page.
New Registration and Payment Method for Campouts

 For campouts we are using a new approach to registering for campouts using the West University United Methodist Church's (WUUMC) event pages.  It captures more information, including campout consents, and offers less challenges with payments than PayPal.  The site is straight-forward to use, but if you have challenges please follow these basic steps:

1. Click on the  Register Now link above to sign up and pay.

2. Enter your email contact information to receive a confirmation of payment.

3. Register using the "Continue as Guest" link or, if you are a member of the WUUMC and have an account log in with your ID and password.

4. Follow the instructions and be sure to click on "Add" when shown to have your entries tallied.

5. Answer the Request for Information questions, some are required for each person registered.  One question is your approval of Troop waiver provisions.

6. Review your payment summary and make a payment using a credit card or choosing to pay by check or cash.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Sparkman at