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Troop Committee Meeting
7 Troop Meeting, 7:30
10-12 Campout Lake Houston
14  Troop Meeting, 7:30
21  No troop meeting 
28  Greenbar 6:30,  Troop Meeting, 7:30

Troop Meeting, 7:30
Troop Committee Meeting
12 Troop Meeting, 7:30
19  Troop Meeting, 7:30
26  No troop meeting 
26 Winter Camp

View Photos of Troop 266 Volunteers Helping People Hit by Hurricane Harvey on the TROOP 266 PHOTOS Page.

Before Hurricane Harvey left the troop started planning to help with clean up.  Crews from the troop were some of the first people out on Tuesday August 29th to help clean out homes. 

Over the four-day period the Troop helped clean out more than 20 homes with more than 30 scouts involved in the clean-up efforts to remove carpet and wallboard.   In addition, members of the troop helped with other clean-up crews and at the Houston Foodbank.  They maintained alignment via daily email messages, email, texts and phone calls.  The troop leadership (Greenbar) reviewed the event from the perspective of disaster preparation and disaster recovery.

The troop continues to look for opportunities to volunteer and help Harvey’s victims.

This Summer's Northern Tier High Adventure  - Atikokan, Canada

 A film by David Nunez
Click this link --  2017 Northern Tier
Shooting and Rappelling Campout
January 12-14

Troop 266's popular Shooting Campout is coming up fast on January 12-14, 2018, at Tellepsen Scout Camp (Bovay) located at 3450 County Road 317, Navasota, TX 77868! 

 The Crawdad Patrol is organizing this campout and  PERMISSION  and RAPPELLING WAIVER forms are due January 9th.  

Registration will be conducted through the Troop 266 REGISTRATION SITE .  Please follow these instructions for the registration site:

  1. If you are an adult attending, check "I am registering myself" and click on "Add" for the camping fee.  
  2. If there is another family member attending, check "I am adding registering some else", enter their name and click on "Add" for the camping fee.  Do this again for any other family members.
  3. Under "Additional Guests" you will see a Quantity Box and a Drop Down box for the events. Enter the number of people that you registered who will be doing each event.  For example, if two people you registered are doing Shotgun - enter 2 in Quantity, select Shotgun from the dropdown then click on Add.  If one person is doing rappelling, enter 1 in Quantity, select Rapelling from the dropdown and then click on Add.
  4. On the page you will see a total price for all that you selected and subtotals for camping and the shooting/rappelling activities.
  5. If all is correct, click on Next and continue the registration.

But if you don't use the site then please submit forms & payment to Macros Hernandez or Ben Chang @ Troop meeting.  We would like everyone who will be going sign up early by the 19th of December.  

 We have a great program available with Rifle and/or Shotgun shooting, Climbing/Rappelling Tower and Archery to choose from!  Choose all of them or only those that interest you since they have separate fees, in addition to the $20 Camping fee. 

*Shotgun shooting $13:  recommended for scouts weighing at least 60 pounds but is available to all. (Saturday am)

*Rifle shooting $8 (Saturday am)

*Archery $5  (Saturday afternoon event)

*Rappelling $13:    can fulfill the  Eagle Required Camping MB requirement "9b.6. Rappel down a rappel route of 30 feet or more."  There are limited rappelling spots available-first come, first serve. (Sunday am)

  If you need the Communications MB requirement #8  planning and serving as mc for either the campfire program or the interfaith scouts own service, print the attachments and let Caleb Chang, Crawdad Patrol Leader, know.  You will need to talk to the Chaplain's Aid and our Troop Chaplain, Mrs. Willcockson, prior to the campout for the interfaith scouts own service.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ben Chang @ 281-652-7315.

Troop 266 Annual Registration

Hello Troop 266 Parents and Adult Leaders!

Annual registration for Troop 266 is due by December 14, 2017 so that we can complete the annual troop registration and recharter to Sam Houston Area Council.  Scouts and adults re-registering after the registration date will have to complete the whole registration process as a new signup

Please take time this week to renew your registration with Troop 266.

Scout registration has been reduced to $150 per Scout. Adult registration is $25.

Re-registration is quick and easy, either by check or online.

Online: go to the Troop 266 registration page by clicking here -  TROOP 266 REGISTRATION    Enter your email address and then if you have a WUUMC membership password enter it  or "Continue as Guest".  Either works.  Make sure you add yourself and then other family members by clicking on the "Add" button.  Use the drop down box to select adult or scout registration fee.

By Check: make checks payable to "Troop 266".  Include on the memo line "2018 Dues".  You can deliver the check to Paulette Chavez, our Troop Treasurer, at a Troop meeting, or contact Paulette at to arrange a check delivery to her.  We need your checks as soon as possible.


YPT Renewal: Adults, please include your current BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) completion date.  BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required for every adult registered with BSA, and renewal is every two years. Send YPT completion info to Orval Marlow, our Troop adult training coordinator with copies to  Melinda Tan for Troop admin/records and myself. A certificate of completion would be great. Please contact Orval Marlow, our Troop adult training coordinator, if you have any questions regarding YPT and BSA training for adults. 

The annual recharter is a major task which Mrs. Tan selflessly completes each year.  Please help her by responding promptly and avoid the need to be traced during the Thanksgiving break. Each year the troop strives to earn the Gold rating on the Journey to Excellence for Planning, Performance and Recognition.  We have had an outstanding year and want to finish strong!


Mr. Ryan


Fall Court of Honor
The troop had its Fall Court of Honor on October 10th. The Court of Honor was delayed two weeks because of Harvey. 97 merit badges were awarded. 25 scouts were recognized for rank advancements - 18 Tenderfoot, 3 1st Class, 3 Star and 1 Life. 

A special part of the meeting was when four Eagle Scouts earned 6 Palms. The Eagle Scouts have stayed active since reaching rank. The high number of scouts earning the  Tenderfoot rank shows the vitality of the troop for the future. The record number of Eagle Palms show that our Eagle Scouts stay involved
2017 Holiday Wreath Fundraiser
Buy Now!
Troop 266  scouts are  now taking orders for assorted holiday wreaths and garlands.
Select your choice of wreath(s) and/or garland from the 2017 HOLIDAY EVERGREEN BROCHURE..   Note that some selections can be delivered directly to you or friend or family, others are available for pickup at WUUMC or delivered to you by a scout.   
You can have a scout assist you with an order or order directly using the TROOP 266 HOLIDAY WREATH AND GARLAND ORDER WEBSITE (please check the name of the assisting scout for him to be credited with the sale)

For more information text, call or email Vivien Liu (713) 291.0908 / or

call or email:  Paulette Chavez (713) 661.6094 /



Would you like to camp, backpack, hike, fish, shoot, sail, kayak, canoe, horseback ride, and cook outdoors? Would you like to serve your community, earn Merit Badges, learn about leadership and make new friends?  Then Boy Scout Troop 266 is just for you! 

For more info about joining Troop 266, please contact Scoutmaster Matt Ryan at

New Registration and Payment Method for Campouts

 For campouts we are using a new approach to registering for campouts using the West University United Methodist Church's (WUUMC) event pages.  It captures more information, including campout consents, and offers less challenges with payments than PayPal.  The site is straight-forward to use, but if you have challenges please follow these basic steps:

1. Click on the  Register Now link above to sign up and pay.

2. Enter your email contact information to receive a confirmation of payment.

3. Register using the "Continue as Guest" link or, if you are a member of the WUUMC and have an account log in with your ID and password.

4. Follow the instructions and be sure to click on "Add" when shown to have your entries tallied.

5. Answer the Request for Information questions, some are required for each person registered.  One question is your approval of Troop waiver provisions.

6. Review your payment summary and make a payment using a credit card or choosing to pay by check or cash.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Sparkman at